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Why Choose Qualified Recruiter?


Human Resources is such an important area for any company. You want to have the best people in place to make sure it’s done right. Managing your largest asset, your people, is paramount to the success of your organization.

So why would you cut costs or reduce staff in such a critical area? Well, you don’t have to, if you’re smart about it.

By leveraging specialization, you can acquire more for your money. Many firms turn to staffing agencies, but they can end up draining tens of thousands of dollars out of your precious budget.

However, you can get the same results without exploding your spending. Use your specialized internal talent to manage the critically important and strategic aspects of HR. Then, let the experts at bringing in the best talent handle the job of finding new resources for those all-to-often, hard to find skill sets. You can also do all of this on demand, with significantly reduced costs and far more flexibility.

Plus, if you are happy with your current set of recruiters, let us help scale them up. We can provide sourcing specialists that will augment your current recruiting staff. We can also provide senior, highly talented searching experts to fill your internal team’s pipeline with quality candidates that have been pre-qualified and are ready to talk to.


As experts in recruiting, we know what it takes to manage a highly productive recruiting program.

We’ve been the staffing arm of some very large companies, essentially serving as the outsourced staffing organization for many of our clients. We also have a comprehensive and diverse set of clients that span a variety of industries.

Our core roots are from the staffing industry in which you only get paid if you actually deliver. This kind of sink-or-swim mindset helped provide us a focus that turned us into experts in recruiting.

In the process of building a successful staffing business, we learned how to measure performance, manage recruiters, identify areas of improvement and implement solutions that led to success. We can apply this same expertise to your internal recruiting function, helping you to pinpoint metrics, measure them and then communicate them back to your team.

We can make specific recommendations on how to modify your process and internal structure to maximize performance. We can couple this with world-class talent that will augment your team and, together, create success for your business.


How do you measure quality when it comes to people?

It’s such a subjective thing to measure. Everyone’s opinion is different, even within the same team, about who’s a good culture fit and who’s not.

Well, there is a way! Ultimately, when it comes to something as subjective as people, you have to rely on numbers. Recruiting is a numbers-driven game, with a personal touch. We take into account the personal aspect of recruiting and treat every candidate as an individual, each with their own personalities, unique requirements and even their quirks. We then evaluate how well the recruiting effort is going by how well the needs of the business are being matched up with the special qualities of each individual.

We can apply this care-based, numbers-driven methodology to your recruiting function by identifying the core areas of importance for your business, as each company is unique in this regard. We can then determine how to measure for performance.

From there, we will also train your staff on building a quality-driven process and organization and enhance that organization by applying a recruitment process acceleration program. The combined benefits of these initiatives will transform your internal recruiting function into a high-performance staffing engine that produces quality candidates at the pace needed to meet your business’s needs.


As your company goes through waves of growth, it can be difficult to manage your recruiting function.

How many recruiters do you need to have on staff? Do you hire fulltime internal employees, or hire temporary contract recruiters that cost $50/HR? Do you use staffing firms, which can blow a hole in your recruiting budget? Which job boards and specialized LinkedIn packages do you buy?

These are all pivotal decisions that must be made in the right way to be successful. We can help you with all of these challenges.

We have a team of recruiting industry experts with years of experience and a suite of tools behind them to get the job done. We can manage as much or as little as you need, helping you to scale up when hiring goes on the upswing. And we can scale back with you as well, all on demand.

By becoming experts in who you are, what value you bring to the talent you’re seeking and attract the highest quality personnel into your organization, we can brand your recruiting function to sell your company and attract the best talent to help you be successful in the areas you’re good at.

This enables you to be elastic in your recruiting capacity and be responsive to your company’s hiring needs.

We connect you with the qualified talent you need to grow and thrive! In addition, your RPO/RPA program will adjust to fit your current needs, allowing you to ramp up or scale down with no ramifications to your organization.

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