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Next-level Recruitment Process Outsourcing with Qualified Recruiter.

Keeping up with the fast pace of new reqs coming from new and existing clients is a top priority for any staffing agency. One week you may find that your internal recruiting team can handle every request, only to then acquire a new client with dozens of new positions to fill. As requests for new positions pile on, you need to be confident in your ability to deliver quality candidates quickly or risk getting left behind.

At Qualified Recruiter, we can give your staffing firm the flexibility it needs to grow quickly without going through the lengthy process of finding and hiring good recruiters. We’ve elevated the traditional recruitment process to eliminate hiring delays and skillfully deliver exceptional talent to hiring companies in a variety of industry types.

Our recruitment process outsourcing solutions are designed to support a staffing agency in their recruitment operations. Here’s what you’ll get with our customized RPO/RPA solutions:


Partner with highly qualified, well-trained recruiters that have superior communication skills.


Using our enhanced RPO process model, you can scale your recruiting capacity and gain more visibility into when you need which recruits and where to place them.


Qualified Recruiter offers both temporary and full-service recruitment solutions for staffing agencies, depending on your level of need.

Reduce the time it takes to hire by leveraging our extensive industry experience, enhanced RPO process and dedicated professionals! Whether your needs are short-term or more extensive, Qualified Recruiter is ready to provide you with the recruitment process outsourcing support to upgrade how you service your clients.

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