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With Elite, On-Demand Recruitment Solutions

You know your company success depends on quality talent. Qualified Recruiter understands the complexities of talent acquisition. We have built a suite of processes and technologies coupled with a team of highly skilled specialists to solve these problems. Whether the need is temporary, long-term, narrow or comprehensive, we have a solution that will meet your needs.

Staffing Agencies

Our recruiters are highly trained, using their experience with the ins and outs of Recruitment Process Outsourcing to produce quality talent in a variety of industries.


Corporate HR

Recruitment Process Acceleration and Enhancement solutions designed to support your organizational hiring needs, streamline communication and amplify productivity.


Flexible Recruitment Process Outsourcing/Acceleration

With Qualified Recruiter, you get recruiters on the spot that handle all or part of the intelligence gathering, searching, sorting and preliminary vetting. This empowers your team to focus on only fully qualified candidates and managing the interaction with the hiring managers. We provide flexible, short-term options for companies seeking temporary recruitment solutions, as well as full-service recruitment for organizations with extensive acquisition needs.

We focus on creating the right solution for your business by addressing your most difficult recruiting challenges, including:

  • Candidate Pipeline Development offering a higher volume of quality candidates
  • U.S. Based Recruitment Management managing candidate relationships and focusing on understanding and solving your challenges
  • Recruitment Process Optimization to identify areas of your process that can be improved and augmented
  • Reduced Workforce Turnover matching the right employee with the right job

Whether you’re seeking a short-term solution or end-to-end recruitment support, our experts are happy to provide you with solutions tailored to your business.