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Proactive, Collaborative, Effective Talent Acquisition

Scale Your Recruiting

In today’s competitive world, a superior talent acquisition strategy is one of the most definitive and long-term advantages an organization can adopt. Qualified Recruiter deploys an advanced and comprehensive recruitment system that delivers the very best candidates, with one of the shortest time-to-sendout records in the industry.

Our proven methodology ensures that we are equipped with more than just an overview of the position to be filled, but with a deep understanding of your firm’s unique goals, needs, and culture.

We accelerate the recruitment process by deploying a proactive, rather than reactive, approach to building and maintaining a robust pipeline of high-value candidates. We utilize highly professional recruiters who recognize the efficacy of combining the most effective technological tools with solid, ongoing relationship-building.

Qualified Recruiter applies its proprietary recruitment process to recruit the very best candidates, so you can concentrate on your client relationships – choosing the right talent to grow your organization.

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Our Solutions Go Beyond Connecting You to the Perfect Candidate

What Makes Us Different

When you partner with Qualified Recruiter, you’ll work side by side with a U.S. based account manager that understands your challenges, expectations, and environment. Once we get to know you, we build a recruitment strategy that targets the qualified candidates who make sense for your company culture. We act as a high-performance multiplier for your internal Recruiting Staff – and make you look good in the process.

We deliver custom-calibrated tools that enhance all aspects of recruitment, resulting in:

  • Much higher volume of highly qualified candidates
  • Increased number of high quality interviews with hiring managers
  • Improved Hiring Manager Satisfaction Rate
  • Reduced time-to-fill for open positions
  • Faster response times when positions open
  • Better coordination between candidates, HR and hiring managers