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Paul (Pratik) Patil

Quality Assurance Lead

Paul is a very dynamic, innovative, and task driven professional with 8+ years of experience in various industries such as recruiting, sales and business process outsourcing. Over time, he has developed an ability to work under pressure and deliver quality on a consistent basis by leveraging his extensive experience. With Qualified Recruiter, Paul has the opportunity to enhance his client handling, recruiting and management skills and is very adaptable to various challenging environments. He started out as a recruiter and has grown with the company from almost the beginning to currently working as a Quality Assurance Lead.

Paul manages large teams and continuously provides guidance with different recruiting strategies, training new recruiters with thorough, innovative search and screening techniques. He maintains performance metrics and provides constructive feedback to each team member on a daily basis. He researches new methodologies and strategies for finding key talent and applies what he learns by implementing new sourcing methods. 

Paul holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and is always inclined towards learning and developing new skills. He enjoys exploring historical places.