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Tom (Tushar) Mhalsekar

Quality Assurance & Delivery Manager

Tom has over four years of extensive recruiting experience and looks after the overall quality and delivery for Qualified Recruiter’s clients in the US. He is highly focused towards developing business methodologies, organizational design and strategies for effective execution. Tom’s primary focus is Talent acquisition, Operations, and Client management. His core strength is developing recruitment strategies for clients across all verticals and industries, process improvement and high-quality quick turnaround. Tom manages a large and diverse team of recruiters across dozens of clients representing virtually every industry in business, from manual labor to senior executive. 

Before joining Qualified Recruiter, Tom spent four years in sales and delivery management roles with clients in the telecom and networking industries. 

Tom holds a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and enjoys playing sports such as cricket and basketball as well as taking long road trips on his bike and traveling to different parts of the country.