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Neelam Sharma

Director of HR & Operations

Neelam has extensive experience into Strategic HR & Operations. Over her extensive career, she has worked in multiple domains including IT, Manufacturing & Telecom. At Qualified Recruiter, she is managing the entire Human Resources and Operations Department. She is also responsible for the complete employment lifecycle at Qualified Recruiter and manages HR and Administration functions to maintain smooth operations. Neelam has a strong background working directly for some of the highest levels of leadership, including Founders, Directors, Senior VPs, and Presidents in organizations with over 3,000 employees. This has given her the uncommon ability to coordinate at all levels in an organization. Neelam is people-centric and believes in teamwork, always looking for solutions rather than problems. 

In Neelam’s free time you can find her playing badminton, chess or dancing. She treasures spending quality time with family and friends. Neelam holds a Master’s degree of Business Administration from ICFAI University Dehradun and Six Conversations Management Diploma from University of Wisconsin- Madison, USA.