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Greg Frick

President & CEO

While Greg is not running the business, he first and foremost seeks to glorify God. Everything he does, all his success and accomplishments, are to His glory. A very close second is his family, which includes his beautiful wife and incredibly gifted three kids. Greg, and his family, love football (soccer), American football, and love to travel around the world. Greg’s favorite place to travel to is Australia, his favorite football team is Liverpool, and any international football/soccer team Americans play on.

Greg founded Qualified Recruiter because he saw an opportunity to profoundly improve the performance of the staffing model. Whether it is corporate HR or traditional staffing firms that leverage our recruiters, we work tirelessly to find quality candidates in a very timely manner. Greg’s background is traditional staffing and recruiting, having started and grown a business from nothing to an 8-figure revenue, it was obvious what the largest area of improvement was. Recruiting! The traditional model just does not work any longer and it needs to be revamped to leverage the massive pool of resources in the offshore model. After excelling at staffing for 15 years, Greg knew he could train highly skilled, intelligent, individuals with strong spoken English skills to do this job from anywhere. The first and most important criteria was communication skills, the second was aptitude and the third was attitude. If someone had those three, the rest would follow. Greg is a serial entrepreneur having started four successful businesses in his career, this is just the latest.