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“Great vision without great people is irrelevant.”–Jim Collins

When it comes to sourcing talent, the Qualified Recruiter team applies 50+ years of combined experience and an arsenal of finely-calibrated tools to identify and engage the most desirable candidates for your organization. From opening to filled, we work diligently to perform at a level consistent with our reputation as trusted and extraordinarily efficient recruitment experts. Recruitment Process Acceleration is all we do; all day, every day.

Our business is built on one simple premise – to connect you with the most qualified candidate who fits well into your company’s culture.


The leadership of Qualified Recruiter began in the staffing business. As our business grew, we quickly developed a reputation for ferreting out top talent, even for those difficult-to-fill “purple squirrel” positions. As our ability to deliver the best candidates became more and more apparent, many of our clients dropped other recruitment avenues entirely and began using Qualified Recruiter exclusively. Recognizing this strength, Qualified Recruiter set out to mindfully fine-tune our business vision.

Venturing further into the Recruitment Process Outsourcing/Acceleration (RPO/RPA) market to add greater flexibility to our recruiting capacity, it became evident that this business model was a great fit for us and our clientele. We made a strategic decision to move away from staffing and to focus more intently on RPO/RPA.

Qualified Recruiter has since developed an impressive depth and scale of essential recruiting knowledge and boasts a recruitment training center that is the envy of the industry. Our recruiters must pass an extremely rigorous series of courses that equip them with the tools and precision-honed skills they need to be the absolute best in the business.

A second-to-none team of the industry’s best recruiters is only the beginning of the resources available to organizations who chose Qualified Recruiter. Carefully structured and accountable programs are in place that allow firms to outsource virtually all the demands of the entire talent acquisition process. From branding your recruiting messaging to optimizing your hiring protocols and procedures, Qualified Recruiter can increase your overall productivity by an order of magnitude.

Hands-on, senior, US-based account managers with extensive industry experience in talent acquisition facilitate a reliably smooth recruitment and onboarding experience for all parties. Qualified Recruiter combines the accelerated, accountable model of a staffing firm with the cost-saving efficiency of an outsourced provider. Our mission is to provide our customers with a recruiting platform designed to help identify and eventually hire their most vital asset: high performing employees.

In The Community

Headquartered in metropolitan Atlanta, GA, we are actively interwoven into the local community and always work to give back, add value, and help wherever we can, wherever needed. We support the following causes:

Meet the Team

Greg Frick

President & CEO

Dorian Black

Head of Recruiting

Adam Kemp

Technical Recruiter

Alex Thompson

Technical Recruiter

Andrew Shields

Technical Recruiter

David Craig

Technical Recruiter

Nicole Parker

Technical Recruiter