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Greg Frick

Your Trusted Recruitment Accelerator

President & CEO

Greg is responsible for the operational leadership of Qualified Recruiter, relying on his experience and industry knowledge to give his team the encouragement, information, tools, and technologies to move forward and get the job done. He founded Qualified Recruiter when he saw there was a fundamental need for companies to change the way they recruited for talent.

With over 20 years of experience in management and technology, both hands-on and at a strategic level, Greg has worked at companies in all stages of growth and development. His ten plus years in the staffing industry have made him an expert at optimizing recruiting processes and maximizing the performance of a recruiting team, from Req to Sendout.

Most recently, Greg worked for the startup company MarketSquare Solutions, where he served as Director of IT and successfully implemented their suite of applications in the areas of communications, field operations center, help desk, distribution center and, tying it all together, their business intelligence reporting solution.

Greg worked for seven years at North Highland, a strategic management consulting company based in Atlanta. While at North Highland, Greg ran many projects that helped his clients meet their needs and made them successful by making sure the projects were done right. Greg also served as the Account Manager for North Highland at one of the largest insurance companies in the world. While there he effectively ran a multitude of projects for his customer and identified many areas where they could improve and helped them initiate and implement those projects.

When he is not running the company, Greg enjoys going to Church and spending time with his family, especially watching his kids play soccer. You can also find him and his family as regulars at Atlanta United FC soccer games.